W's 羽绒毛衣连帽衫

SKU: 84712-BLK
颜色: 黑色的
尺寸: XXS


可在 Patagonia Bend 取货

通常在 2 小时内就绪

Patagonia Women's Down Sweater Hoody

W's 羽绒毛衣连帽衫

黑色的 / XXS

Patagonia Bend

可取货, 通常在 2 小时内就绪

1000 Northwest Wall Street
Suite 140
Bend OR 97703


概述:我们的经典 Down Sweater™ 连帽衫轻盈防风,外壳由 NetPlus® 100% 消费后再生尼龙防撕裂材料制成,由回收渔网制成,有助于减少海洋塑料污染,并且采用 800 -fill-power 100% Responsible Down Standard 羽绒经 Control Union 认证 (CU 880272)。购买负责任羽绒标准认证产品表明了羽绒和羽毛供应链中对更好动物福利实践的需求。

Weight: 343.03 克(12.1 盎司)

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Everything Patagonia makes has an impact on the planet.

Learn more about the materials and processes they use.

Recycled Nylon

Nylon is one of the strongest plastics we use in our products. When we need a super-lightweight fabric, nylon is vital for its strength. But nylon is a petroleum-based material, and producing it has a high cost in energy and greenhouse gases. Incorporating as much recycled nylon as we can lessens our dependence on virgin petroleum as a raw material source, helps eliminate discarded material and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing.

bluesign® System

Every textile Patagonia uses is the result of a complicated manufacturing process, making it difficult for them to evaluate all the raw materials, dyes and chemical auxiliary materials each of their suppliers use. bluesign® technologies, based in Switzerland, helps with this analysis, working at each step in the textile supply chain to assess and approve chemicals, processes, materials and products that are safe for the environment, workers and customers.

NetPlus® Recycled Fishing Nets

Old, frayed and torn fishing nets are discarded partly because of a lack of end-of-life solutions. Bureo®, a company based in California, is trying to fix this and to provide a responsible alternative to virgin plastics by working directly with fishing communities in South America.

Traceable Down

100% Traceable Down provides the highest assurance of animal welfare in the apparel industry. Every down cluster, in every one of our down products, comes exclusively from birds that were are not force-fed or live-plucked.

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