W의 재생 유기농 인증 코튼 에센셜 탑

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Relaxed fit

Patagonia Bend에서 픽업 가능

일반적으로 2시간 후 준비 완료

Patagonia Women's Regenerative Organic Certified Cotton Essential Top

W의 재생 유기농 인증 코튼 에센셜 탑

벅혼 그린 / XS

Patagonia Bend

픽업 가능, 일반적으로 2시간 후 준비 완료

1000 Northwest Wall Street
Suite 140
Bend OR 97703


개요: 100% Regenerative Organic Certified® 면 프렌치 테리 소재로 제작된 편안한 크루넥 스웨트셔츠로 캐주얼하고 매일 착용할 수 있습니다.

Weight: 369 g (13 oz)

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Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton

After committing to organic cotton in 1996, Patagonia began supporting farmers to grow cotton using Regenerative Organic Certified® practices, which prioritizes organic, no- and low-till methods that build healthy soil and respect the welfare of people and animals. They piloted a first crop of Regenerative Organic Certified cotton in India in 2018, working with more than 150 farmers to implement this highest organic standard. Since then, the cotton program has grown to include over 1,000 farmers.

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