Men's Fleece

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When it comes to fleece, we love to talk trash. Recycled soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste and worn-out garments (including our own) are used here and there to create our fleece vests, fleece pullovers and full-zip fleece jackets. Using recycled materials for what some call our “fuzzy jacket” styles lessens our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw materials. But using recycled materials wasn’t always the way we made our beloved fluffy fleece


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M's R2 TechFace 후디M's R2 TechFace 후디
할인 가격$229.00
M's R2 테크페이스 재킷M's R2 테크페이스 재킷
할인 가격$199.00
M's R1 테크페이스 재킷M's R1 테크페이스 재킷
할인 가격$189.00
M's R1 에어 풀집 후디M's R1 에어 풀집 후디
할인 가격$179.00
Men's Better Sweater JacketMen's Better Sweater Jacket
할인 가격$159.00
Patagonia Men's LW Synch Snap-T PulloverM's LW 싱크 스냅-T P/O
할인 가격$139.00
M's 베터 스웨터 1/4 지퍼Patagonia Men's Better Sweater 1/4 Zip
할인 가격$139.00
M's R1 풀오버Patagonia Men's R1 Pullover
할인 가격$139.00
M's R1 에어 지퍼 넥Patagonia Men's R1 Air Zip Neck
할인 가격$129.00
Men's Better Sweater VestPatagonia Men's Better Sweater Vest
할인 가격$119.00
Men's Capilene® Thermal Weight BottomsMen's Capilene® Thermal Weight Bottoms
Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal 크루 스웨트셔츠Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal 크루 스웨트셔츠

Choosing the Right Layers

Fleece is what keeps us warm. For periods of intense exercise, a good fleece layer should be able to dump the excess heat we produce. See how they work together with your baselayer & shell.

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