M's 베터 스웨터 재킷

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Men's Better Sweater Jacket

M's 베터 스웨터 재킷

검은색 / XS

Patagonia Bend

픽업 가능, 일반적으로 2시간 후 준비 완료

1000 Northwest Wall Street
Suite 140
Bend OR 97703


Customer Reviews

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A classic

The better sweater has been my go to do everything fleece since I was about 7. It works for just about everything I do here in bend (when weight isn’t a concern). I love how versatile it is and how compact it is when layering for stuff like resort skiing. If you haven't had one before the only thing I would warn you about is that wind easily gets through the knit of the jacket, so if you are using it somewhere with lots of wind factor windchill into what you have planned.

Alan Kneitel

You were almost the only vendor in the USA who had this. And NO TAX or SHIPPING COST. National customer service for Patagonia said my color and size was sold out nationwide, but you had one left.