W's Boulder Fork 防雨夹克

SKU: 85160-BUGR
颜色: Buckhorn Green
尺寸: XS

Regular fit

可在 Patagonia Bend 取货

通常在 2 小时内就绪

Patagonia Women's Boulder Fork Rain Jacket

W's Boulder Fork 防雨夹克

Buckhorn Green / XS

Patagonia Bend

可取货, 通常在 2 小时内就绪

1000 Northwest Wall Street
Suite 140
Bend OR 97703


概述:无论您是在寻找巨石和高山景观,还是在追踪虹鳟鱼,这款低调的防水夹克都能让您保持干爽,并为您从岔路口到人迹罕至的地方提供防雨保护。 3 层外壳符合我们的 H2No® 性能标准,提供出色的防水/透气保护,并且织物、膜和耐用防水 (DWR) 表面不含全氟化学品 (PFC/PFAS)。在公平贸易认证™工厂制造。

Weight: 355 g (12.5 oz)

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Everything Patagonia makes has an impact on the planet.

Learn more about the materials and processes they use.

Fair Trade Certified™

An ever-growing number of our products are Fair Trade Certified™ for sewing, which means we pay a premium to the workers in the factories that make them. The Fair Trade program also helps to create better working conditions and safeguards against the use of child labor.


H₂No® Performance Standard

The H₂No® Performance Standard is Patagonia’s benchmark for waterproofness, breathability and durability. Backed by our Ironclad Guarantee, the H₂No Performance Standard ensures the highest level of long-term waterproof performance.

Recycled Polyester

An important fiber in Patagonia's line, polyester allows them to build lightweight materials that dry quickly and can be used in a variety of applications, including trail-running tops and yoga tights. Polyester also blends well with natural fabrics like cotton. But virgin polyester is derived from petroleum, which comes at a high environmental cost.

Made without PFAS / PFC

Water repellency doesn’t just keep you comfortable, it keeps you alive. But for decades now, the coatings used in apparel to improve water-repellency have relied on per- or polyfluorinated chemicals, which contain fluorine and are most often referred to by their acronyms: PFCs, PFOAs or PFAS. This class of “forever chemicals” accumulates in air, water, food and even our bodies, and they raise serious health concerns, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Patagonia is converting all of their durable water-repellent membranes and finishes to non-fluorinated alternatives by 2025.

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