M's 长袖 '73 Skyline Pocket Responsibili T 恤

SKU: 37743-BCW
颜色: 桦木白
尺寸: S

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M's 长袖 '73 Skyline Pocket Responsibili T 恤

M's 长袖 '73 Skyline Pocket Responsibili T 恤

桦木白 / S

Patagonia Bend

可取货, 通常在 2 小时内就绪

1000 Northwest Wall Street
Suite 140
Bend OR 97703


概述: 73 年的天际线图案重复出现在我们当时缝在巴塔哥尼亚装备上的标签上。快进到现在,我们正在致力于拯救我们的地球家园。节约资源是提供帮助的一种方式,因此这款 T 恤是用布料废料和回收瓶子制成的,这减少了我们对原始原材料的依赖。在公平贸易认证™工厂制造。

Weight: 256 g (9 oz)

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Everything Patagonia makes has an impact on the planet.

Learn more about the materials and processes they use.

Fair Trade Certified™

An ever-growing number of our products are Fair Trade Certified™ for sewing, which means we pay a premium to the workers in the factories that make them. The Fair Trade program also helps to create better working conditions and safeguards against the use of child labor.


bluesign® System

Every textile Patagonia uses is the result of a complicated manufacturing process, making it difficult for them to evaluate all the raw materials, dyes and chemical auxiliary materials each of their suppliers use. bluesign® technologies, based in Switzerland, helps with this analysis, working at each step in the textile supply chain to assess and approve chemicals, processes, materials and products that are safe for the environment, workers and customers.

Recycled Cotton

Producing a single pound of conventional cotton takes about 254 gallons of water. Add that to the carbon footprint of preparing the soil, the harmful pesticides that impact field workers, cultivating the plants and harvesting the crops, then scale up that number to encompass all the cotton grown in the world—and you get a significant environmental cost. By using recycled cotton, Patagonia extends the life span of a fiber that has already been created, uses fewer environmental resources and still has that soft, comfortable feel.

Recycled Polyester

An important fiber in Patagonia's line, polyester allows them to build lightweight materials that dry quickly and can be used in a variety of applications, including trail-running tops and yoga tights. Polyester also blends well with natural fabrics like cotton. But virgin polyester is derived from petroleum, which comes at a high environmental cost.

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