Worn Wear Trade-In

How Does Trade-In Work?
We accept quality used Patagonia items that function perfectly and are in good condition at our store in Downtown Bend. In exchange for your Patagonia gear, you will receive Merchandise Credit for the Worn Wear program. You may use this credit in-store, online at Patagonia.com and Wornwear.com.

What Product Do We Accept?
We accept a wide array of Patagonia technical and sportswear product in Men's, Women's, Kids and Baby. Patagonia luggage is also accepted as part of the Worn Wear program. Some exclusion apply. Check out the link below or call our store for more details.

What Happens to the Product You Trade In?
We send all trade-in items to Patagonia’s Distribution Center in Reno, Nevada where they’re cleaned using a water and energy saving CO2 process. After being cleaned these items are uploaded to Wornwear.com where you can shop other traded-in items.

What are my items' estimated trade-in values?
Here are trade-in value estimates to give you an idea of what your pieces might be worth. Your exact store credit will be determined after we receive and inspect each item.

$10 - Kids/Baby Sportswear, Womens Dresses & Skirts, Pants - Sportswear & Technical, Stand Up Shorts & Baggies™ (Adult, Kids' & Baby)

$20 - Kids/Baby Alpine and Snow, Sweater (Non-Cashmere), Fish Technical Tops and Bottoms, Certain Sportswear Fleece: Micro D®, Classic Synchilla, Synchilla Snap-T Pants, Better Sweater® Fleece (Vest & 1/4 Zip), Los Gatos (Vest & 1/4 Zip), Rainwear (Kids' & Baby)

$30 - Technical Fleece, Houdini®/Ultralightweight Weather Protection, Certain Fleece: Re-Tool Snap-T (Pullover & Vest), Better Sweater Jackets, Performance Better Sweaters (Vest & 1/4 Zip), Daypacks, Technical Trail Packs, Duffels (up to 60L)

$40 - Cashmere Sweaters, Technical Insulation Jackets, Vests and Pants, Alpine Soft Shells, Sportswear Outerwear and Workwear, 2- and 2.5-Layer Shells, Technical Alpine/Snow Packs, Certain Fleece: Retro Pile, Retro-X®, Re-Tool (Jackets), Performance Better Sweater (Jackets & Hoody), Lightweight Synchilla® Poncho, MLC® Luggage and Large Duffels & Rainwear (Jackets)

$60 - Heavy Alpine Insulation, Sportswear Insulation-Vests, Jackets and Parkas, Insulated Alpine Shells, 3-Layer/GORE-TEX® Shells, Stormfront® Luggage, Wheeled Luggage

$100 - 3-Layer Snow Shells, 3-in-1 Jackets and Parkas (must include all pieces), Insulated 3-Layer/GORE-TEX® Snow Shells, Special Collections