A Short Story

Like the trails we run on, legs, butts and hips come in all shapes and lengths. So Patagonia gave their running shorts collection a major overhaul. The goal: improve fit and form, while continuing to meet the specific needs of big days, regular days, mountain days and do-it-all days. 

All of them feature lightweight, stretchy fabric and an updated shape that better accommodates your stride and improves fit across a broader spectrum of thigh, hip and glute shapes. The women’s styles also boast a wider leg opening and increased overall volume to support a full range of motion.
Beyond that, they tailored the fit and features of each pair to best suit different running styles and preferences. Whether you like your shorts with a liner or no liner, high-rise or mid-rise, a long inseam or short inseam, loads of pockets or very few, you’ll find at least one pair here that hits your sweet spot.

High-performance swimsuits that won’t slip while you slide.

Designed for highlining, tube-shooting, power-carving, noseriding, wind-harnessing, distance-paddling and, of course, swimming, our swimsuit line is made for people in motion by people in motion.

For the last 25 years, Patagonia has been thinking about and meticulously crafting swimsuits to leave a lighter footprint by using recycled materials and ensuring our swimsuit line is Fair Trade Certified sewn. Swimsuits you can trust in and out of the water start with decades of mindful material innovation.


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