Viva Los Fun Hogs

Fun-hogging has been a part of the Patagonia lexicon since the 70s when our founder flew a “Viva Los Fun Hogs” flag atop Cerro Torre. Over the years, it’s come to mean many things for many folks, but it’s always in the spirit of human-powered pursuits in the natural world, leaving no trace. Hogging all the fun sounds selfish, but we’ve never seen it that way. Rather, like love, fun-hogging multiplies and never divides—and there’s plenty of it to go around for everyone.
How do you become a fun hog?

You just start.

Funhoggers Anorak
Funhoggers AnorakFunhoggers Anorak
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This is the spirit Patagonia is bringing into their 50th year as we look to the future and think about how to not just survive but thrive. There’s a lot of hard, serious work to be done. To avoid burnout, it’s important that we never lose sight of our fun-hogging ways; sport, nature and community are where we find the energy and inspiration to keep on keeping on and save our home planet. 

Our new Funhoggers Shorts, Pants and Anorak jacket are the physical manifestation of the fun-hogger spirit. They’re fun, yes, but they’re also multifunctional and made to last for generations of good times outdoors. We took inspiration from one of our most iconic styles, Baggies, and made them out of Cotton in Conversion (CiC), which supports farmers working toward organic certification.

Our new spring styles are here. These early season colors have sage-like greens, deeper tones of hemlock and are accented by a warm yellow and a rich brown. Have a look at our new collection for spring.


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