Function, fit and style with a conscience come from decades of product innovation with the planet in mind.
Designed for highlining, tube-shooting, power-carving, noseriding, wind-harnessing, distance-paddling and, of course, swimming, our swimsuit line is made for women in motion by women in motion. For the last 25 years, we’ve been thinking about and meticulously crafting swimsuits to leave a lighter footprint by using recycled materials and ensuring our swimsuit line is Fair Trade Certified sewn. Swimsuits you can trust in and out of the water start with decades of mindful material innovation.
NetPlus® is made from 100% recycled discarded fishing nets collected in fishing communities in South America.

The world’s oceans are choking in plastic. Globally, 8.8 million tons of plastic enter oceans every year. Discarded derelict fishing nets in the marine environment are one of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution. Scientists estimate that more than 650,000 marine animals are killed or seriously injured every year after being trapped in fishing gear.
Not all forms of recycling are created equal. That’s why Patagonia is aiming to stop pollution before it starts. For the first time ever, the body fabric of the classic Baggies shorts is made from 100% discarded fishing nets, one of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution in our oceans. Our partner Bureo® collects and transforms these otherwise polluting nets from local fishermen off the coast of South America and repurposes them into NetPlus material, which helps protect wildlife and support local fishing communities with financial incentives.

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