Waterproof Shell Jackets

In the wettest weather, our rain jackets and pants will keep you protected. They’re designed with 100% recycled outer fabrics that meet our H2No® Performance Standard, and now Patagonia makes all of them without perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs/PFAS).


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Patagonia Men's Torrentshell 3L Rain JacketMen's Torrentshell 3L Rain Jacket
Patagonia Women's Torrentshell 3L Rain JacketWomen's Torrentshell 3L Rain Jacket
Men's R2 TechFace HoodyMen's R2 TechFace Hoody
Sale price$229.00
Patagonia Women's Houdini JacketWomen's Houdini Jacket
Sale price$109.00
Men's Houdini JacketMen's Houdini Jacket
Sale price$109.00
Men's R2 TechFace JacketMen's R2 TechFace Jacket
Sale price$199.00
Patagonia Men's R1 TechFace HoodyMen's R1 TechFace Hoody
Sale price$219.00
Patagonia Women's Boulder Fork Rain JacketWomen's Boulder Fork Rain Jacket
Patagonia Women's R1 CrossStrata HoodyWomen's R1 CrossStrata Hoody
Sale price$189.00
Men's R1 TechFace JacketMen's R1 TechFace Jacket
Sale price$189.00
Patagonia Men's Granite Crest Rain JacketMen's Granite Crest Rain Jacket
Patagonia Men's Boulder Fork Rain JacketMen's Boulder Fork Rain Jacket