Recycled Cotton

Producing a single pound of conventional cotton takes about 254 gallons of water. Add that to the carbon footprint of preparing the soil, the harmful pesticides that impact field workers, cultivating the plants and harvesting the crops, then scale up that number to encompass all the cotton grown in the world—and you get a significant environmental cost. By using recycled cotton, Patagonia extends the life span of a fiber that has already been created, uses fewer environmental resources and still has that soft, comfortable feel.


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Patagonia Men's P-6 Logo Responsibili-TeeMen's P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee
Patagonia Men's Long-Sleeve P-6 Logo Responsibili-TeeMen's Long-Sleeved P-6 Logo Responsibili-Tee
Patagonia Line Logo Ridge Stripe Uprisal HoodyPatagonia Line Logo Ridge Stripe Uprisal Hoody
Men's Line Logo Ridge Pocket Responsibili-TeeMen's Line Logo Ridge Pocket Responsibili-Tee
Patagonia Men's Long-Sleeve Line Logo Ridge Responsibili-TeeMen's Long-Sleeved Line Logo Ridge Responsibili-Tee
P-6 Logo Uprisal HoodyP-6 Logo Uprisal Hoody
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Women's Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal SweatpantsWomen's Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal Sweatpants
Men's Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal SweatpantsMen's Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal Sweatpants
Patagonia Men's Boardshort Logo Pocket Responsibili-TeeMen's Boardshort Logo Pocket Responsibili-Tee
Patagonia Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal HoodyFitz Roy Icon Uprisal Hoody
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Patagonia Men's Unity Fitz Responsibili-TeeMen's Unity Fitz Responsibili-Tee
Fitz Roy Icon Uprisal Crew SweatshirtFitz Roy Icon Uprisal Crew Sweatshirt
Recycled Oversized ToteRecycled Oversized Tote
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Patagonia Shop Sticker Pocket Responsibili-TeeShop Sticker Pocket Responsibili-Tee
Patagonia Women's CTA Ringer Responsibili-TeeWomen's CTA Ringer Responsibili-Tee
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Women's '73 Skyline Easy Cut Responsibili-TeeWomen's '73 Skyline Easy Cut Responsibili-Tee
Patagonia Fitz Roy Icon Responsibili-TeeFitz Roy Icon Responsibili-Tee
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